Bubble Waffle Factory – Best Dessert in Dublin

Bubble Waffle has become a big dessert trend in Dublin lately. With crisp edges and soft oval “bubbles”, it’s so fun to break off pieces for snacking and sharing. Find it now in Bubble Waffle Factory!

Delicious Bubble Waffle
Served hot and loaded with fruits, sauces, ice cream and various toppings that blend together perfectly. And they look gorgeous!

Our founder, Kee Mak, was born in Hong Kong. He has obsessed with Bubble Waffle since he was young, so he aimed to bring the authenticity of this Hong Kong local street snack to Dublin in a creative, fun and cheerful way. As a result, he came up the idea of ”Bubble Waffle Factory” and started out as a little snack stall in Eatyard of Dublin. It gained popularity very soon thanks to widespread media coverage and being well-loved by the community.

Can’t thank everyone enough for the awesome support! Lovin Dubin, FM104

In September 2017, Bubble Waffle Factory brought itself to the next level by establishing an own store in Temple Bar, the heart of Dublin city center. With the geographical advantage, we have enticed many locals and tourists through our door. We very soon became one of the most famous tourist attractions and the best dessert in Dublin. Check out our excited customers on our Facebook and Instagram. Don’t forget to follow us. You’ll find our updated news, and most noteworthy the special promotion there.

Bubble Waffle Factory in Temper Bar of Dublin City
We open from Monday to Sunday, 12-10pm, in the tourist hot spot.

Every day, our busy factory bakes over 150 fresh and fine quality Bubble Waffles with exquisite care and passion. We have already designed 9 popular flavors for you. Of course, you are always welcome to customize the own one.  Come to witness the birth of yours, and enjoy the zingy tasty experience!

What’s more, we offer a €1 discount to students!

Our Bubble Waffle

Our amazingly delicious Bubble Waffles are 100% made-to-order and fun. Pair yours with our finest Irish ice-cream, and numerous toppings. It will definitely make you go bonkers!

Can’t wait to take a large bite of the Bubble Waffle

2 ‘S’s are promised from us – Smell & Smile. We go famous fast thanks to the delicious smell reaching far long distances, and your smiley faces.

Our factory operates every day to promote this Hong Kong street food in Dublin. And, of course, satisfy the taste buds of people around the globe. The secret of our delicious smell of isn’t just eggs, flour, and butter. Our founder prepares the freshly-made batter mix every day with some secret Hong Kong ingredients. So, it’s absolutely more than just a waffle.

Also, this secret recipe gives rise to the harmony of texture – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It never fails to amaze our lovely customers.  Therefore, they always respond to us with a large and sweet smile when getting the freshly-baked bubble waffle from us.

Bubble Waffle Factory Customers

We love your smiley faces when digging into the bubble waffle.

CAUTION: They are terribly addictive.  So, a word to the wise: come along with a friend!



Bubble Waffle: A Global Dessert

Bubble Waffle craze has been hitting all around the world, and become a global dessert trend.

It has already reached the U.S., numerous European and Asian countries, and even Africa. It isn’t a fad only. The fame is growing quickly to turn itself into an unbeatable global dessert. Obviously, no sign this highly-photographable dessert stops penetrating.

When you pop into our factory located in Temple Bar of Dublin, you can experience the glamour of this worldwide star – the whole process of how our staff makes the magic to yours.

Before having a taste of this goodness, have you ever wondered the history of it? Every superstar has a beautiful story behind – the same as Bubble Waffle. Let’s explore it now.

Its history can date back to the 1950’s when grocery stores usually received the badly packaged shipment of eggs. By the time the shipment arrived, a store owner found half of the eggs were partially broken and unsalable. However, Hong Kong people in the 1950’s had a strong spirit of never giving up. Instead of throwing them away, the owner hit on the idea of making a snack out of them instead.

He mixed the eggs with sugar, milk, butter, and flour, and poured the mixture into two iron-cast molds shaped like honeycombs. Then, he held the two skillets against each other and placed them over a charcoal-fired stove until the batter was completely baked. As a result, the bubble waffle was born.

The resulting pancake-like creation resembled a sheet of little round balls. So, people dubbed it ‘Gai Daan Zai’ that meant ‘Eggies’ or ‘Eggettes’. Today, they are still the nicknames of this global star.