Bubble Waffle: A Global Dessert

Bubble Waffle craze has been hitting all around the world, and become a global dessert trend.

It has already reached the U.S., numerous European and Asian countries, and even Africa. It isn’t a fad only. The fame is growing quickly to turn itself into an unbeatable global dessert. Obviously, no sign this highly-photographable dessert stops penetrating.

When you pop into our factory located in Temple Bar of Dublin, you can experience the glamour of this worldwide star – the whole process of how our staff makes the magic to yours.

Before having a taste of this goodness, have you ever wondered the history of it? Every superstar has a beautiful story behind – the same as Bubble Waffle. Let’s explore it now.

Its history can date back to the 1950’s when grocery stores usually received the badly packaged shipment of eggs. By the time the shipment arrived, a store owner found half of the eggs were partially broken and unsalable. However, Hong Kong people in the 1950’s had a strong spirit of never giving up. Instead of throwing them away, the owner hit on the idea of making a snack out of them instead.

He mixed the eggs with sugar, milk, butter, and flour, and poured the mixture into two iron-cast molds shaped like honeycombs. Then, he held the two skillets against each other and placed them over a charcoal-fired stove until the batter was completely baked. As a result, the bubble waffle was born.

The resulting pancake-like creation resembled a sheet of little round balls. So, people dubbed it ‘Gai Daan Zai’ that meant ‘Eggies’ or ‘Eggettes’. Today, they are still the nicknames of this global star.