Our Bubble Waffle

Our amazingly delicious Bubble Waffles are 100% made-to-order and fun. Pair yours with our finest Irish ice-cream, and numerous toppings. It will definitely make you go bonkers!

Can’t wait to take a large bite of the Bubble Waffle

2 ‘S’s are promised from us – Smell & Smile. We go famous fast thanks to the delicious smell reaching far long distances, and your smiley faces.

Our factory operates every day to promote this Hong Kong street food in Dublin. And, of course, satisfy the taste buds of people around the globe. The secret of our delicious smell of isn’t just eggs, flour, and butter. Our founder prepares the freshly-made batter mix every day with some secret Hong Kong ingredients. So, it’s absolutely more than just a waffle.

Also, this secret recipe gives rise to the harmony of texture – crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside. It never fails to amaze our lovely customers.  Therefore, they always respond to us with a large and sweet smile when getting the freshly-baked bubble waffle from us.

Bubble Waffle Factory Customers

We love your smiley faces when digging into the bubble waffle.

CAUTION: They are terribly addictive.  So, a word to the wise: come along with a friend!